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The number of * a site has next to it is rated on 0/5. 0 being dont go there and 5 being must have a look.

Some sites have been recomended by our WEB-TEAM.

International Badgers Club *****
This is a great site for the badge/patch collector. If you wish to become a member of a very good badge/patch collecting club then this is the one for you.SCOUTBADGE.20M.COM/WEB-TEAM RECOMENDED.(UK Site)

Scout Base UK ****
This site is the offical home for UK scouts. Take a look.(UK Site)

Berkeley Troop 24 **
This is troop 24's web site.

Scout Patches *****
This is an exellent web site for badge/patch trading. SCOUTBADGE.20M.COM/WEB-TEAM RECOMENDED.

BSA - National Council *
BSA-National Council web page.

Scout Net UK *****
Scout Net UK this is an exellent web site for all scouting needs. Take a look at there Cyber Camp Blanket. SCOUTBADGE.20M.COM/WEB-TEAM RECOMENDED.(UK Site)

World Scout Movment ***
This site is worth a quick look at.

Birkenhead District **
Birkenhead district web site home of the Birkenhead district.(UK Site)

Wallasey District *****
This site is home of Wallasey District scouts and is worth a look.SCOUTBADGE.20M.COM/WEB-TEAM RECOMENDED.(UK Site)

Jamboree Collector Society ****
This is free to sign up to and worth a go.

Scout Badges ***
Need badges made to your requirements well this is the site for you.(UK Site)

East Ryde Venturer Unit **
This site is worth a look.

Pine Wood Pro ***
This site is for Pine Wood Darby fans and is worth having a look at.


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