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Why do you collect badges?

As a hobby.

As part of a project.

I don't collect but want to.

I don't collect and don't want to.

Just somthing to to do.

I find it a good way to make links with others.

Current Results

Our links page has been updated please have a look.

eBay - I have started to use eBay online auctions to buy a wide range of scout badges from all over the world. I would recomend that you try eBay when buying badges you just dont know what your going to find.

The time has come for all the contingent badges to be released and sold to help raise funds for those taking part in th 20th World Jamboree in Thiland. This is also the time when people such as myself are hard at work trying to get hold of as many Jamboree badges as posible. I will be adding a new page to the web site centerd on world Jamboree badges.

WARNING: You should always get good details about contingent badges before you purchess them. You may be buying or trading for NON OFFICAL badges. Dont be fooled.



Last Updated 22 / 03 / 2002